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Ready to Start Testing?

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Direct Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory and biotechnology company that is advancing the field of molecular testing and transforming salivary diagnostics.


We are developing the next generation of saliva tests for infectious disease and pathogens found in the mouth and periodontia. These tests can be used by both Dental and Medical practitioners to create an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan for each patient.Early detection, identification, and successful treatment of these specific pathogens will lead to improved oral and systemic health.

In addition to our clinical laboratory services, Direct Diagnostics provides on-going education and consultative services to create an effective model for practice on-boarding, discussing these tests with patients, improving case acceptance, and delivering effective treatment results. 

What Makes Us Unique?

The HR5 High Risk Pathogen Test is a uniquely powerful and differentiated test that offers multiple advantages over current competitors.


Most accurate test available


Includes all subspecies and strains of each bacterial pathogen


Precise levels of bacteria load: x.y x 10^z


The best value and the best test for patients and practices


Easy to explain. Easy to read. Easy to order


Click here to learn more through our educational webinars, focused on implementation and the science behind oral pathogens and salivary diagnostics

Our mission is to give clinicians what they want: an inexpensive test focused on the five high-risk bacteria that is easy to read and comprehend, effortless to order, and results retuned in 48 hours.

​Test Results Include:

  • Patient medical history

  • Accurate and easy to understand result ranges

  • Key thresholds for optimal health

  • Pathogen descriptions with medical relevance


If you are a healthcare provider (Dental or Medical) and interested in learning more, please complete the form below and one of our team members will get in touch. 

“Periodontal disease caused by these putative bacteria (Aa, Pg, Tf, Td, Fn) can be considered causal of ASVD [Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease]” 

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