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Presented by Gina Pritchard, DNP, RN, ACNP at IDM Foundations

Dr. Gina Pritchard

Dr. Gina Pritchard, MSN, RN, CNS, ACNP, DNPc

Gina Pritchard DNP is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment. She is the owner of The PREVENT Clinic with offices in New York and in Texas and is the Clinical Program Director for the BaleDoneen Method. She is one of the nation’s leading specialists in prevention of heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes and vascular-related dementia. The published science surrounding the BaleDoneen Method has demonstrated regression and stabilization of arterial disease. Dr. Pritchard’s Doctoral work focused on increasing global use of thorough, high quality assessment of the arterial wall, specifically the arterial intimal-media, to ensure arterial wellness. The knowledge, techniques, and treatments are now available to live life free from the #1 killers – heart attack and stroke. Dr. Pritchard’s life work is focused on bringing this life-saving education and tools to millions in order for each individual to live life uninterrupted by cardiovascular disease.

Collaboration between dental medicine and non-dental medicine is imperative to save and improve the lives of our patients. We understand the importance of sharing our findings and collaborating to achieve the best outcomes and optimal care of the patient. Where are we in real-life clinical application of collaborative care and where are we going?

In this course the clinician will:

  • Review the current options and future trends to identify and monitor silent or subclinical disease

  • Begin to analyze subclinical disease treatment and root cause resolution from a cellular medicine and biological-age approach Understand root cause resolution that requires a collaborative treatment plan between dental and non-dental medical practices

  • Discuss efficiency and productivity approaches to collaborative care

The Prevent Clinic is deeply focused on health optimization, age reversal, and longevity by weaving together medicine and dentistry for their patients. They also are some of the top educators in the testing, treatment, and oral systemic health arena.

Integrative Dental Medicine Scholar Society workshops, seminars and conferences are designed to help participants lean into the vision and opportunity to significantly impact the complete health of their lives.

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