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Therapy Guide

A step-by-step guide to developing personalized periodontal therapy

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Download these starting resources.


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HR5® Pathogen Guide

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Informational Flyer

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Save Your Teeth and Save Your Life

Congratulations on completing your first coaching session!

Please follow the simple steps below to get started. You are now ready to start testing your patients today!


Follow the below checklists to start testing today.

Testing Checklist

  • Complete the collection training 

  • Complete the portal training

    • Save the office login (username and password)

    • Save the portal as a “Favorite” on desktop 

    • Learn how to add requisitions

    • Set Up weekly/biweekly Fed Ex pickup (see shipping rules)

  • Who and when to test?

    • Decide on an office testing protocol as a team - who/when/how you will test

  • Is there a testing coordinator for your office?

    • Determine who is responsible for entering requisitions.

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Important Shipping Reminders

  • All samples must ship Monday-Thursday

  • Please confirm the cutoff time for overnight shipping with your local FedEx office or schedule a pickup

  • Keep all samples refrigerated until shipped

  • Samples must be shipped within 5 days of sample collection

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Links for clinician support.

A fulfilling career in dental hygiene is rooted in a laser focused vision that embraces core values, ethics and awareness of our integral position as healthcare professionals.


A curated selection of research papers, journal articles, and other significant publications related to the HR5 pathogens and Oral-Systemic Health.



In addition to our clinical laboratory services, we are here to support you with on-going education to best serve your practice and your patients. 



Don’t miss out on our webinar series.

We host a monthly webinar on the first Friday of each month. Exclusive to Direct Diagnostics’ clinics, this series offers guidance, support, and education from experts in the oral systemic and salivary diagnostics fields.


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