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Direct Diagnostics – Enabling Outcomes Through Evidence

Enabling Outcomes Through Evidence

Our vision is for diagnostic facts to drive the standard of care in oral health treatment decisions.

Healthier Patients with HR5

Healthier Patients

The Direct Diagnostics approach enhances oral health, positively impacts overall well-being, and helps tailor periodontal treatments to each patient's unique needs, potentially reducing their risk of developing systemic inflammatory diseases.

Confident Clinicians

 Through salivary diagnostics, you can stop guessing and truly understand your patient's oral health status, empowering them to take actions aligned with their specific needs and goals, thus making your efforts more efficient and effective.

Thriving Practices with HR5

Thriving Practices

A well-run diagnostic and treatment program has the potential to generate 25% to 35%+ of the gross production in the office. HR5 is a key component to achieving these numbers.

Accurate Diagnosis Leads to Effective Care

Periodontal diseases, which include gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implantitis, are chronic inflammatory diseases caused by pathogenic imbalances in the oral microbiome, a condition known as dysbiosis.


Visual examination cannot detect the causative agents at any point in the disease process. Clinical signs of disease appear long after the disease process has begun. Testing for the specific causative agents enables early intervention, tailored treatment, and quantitative goals for success.


Testing is crucial for risk assessment and diagnosis as it offers an unbiased, objective perspective. Detecting causative agents of the disease brings clarity for both patients and clinicians regarding disease risk or cause, as well as the necessity for intervention or treatment.



Analyzing saliva for the HR5 species enhances your understanding of how to treat and manage patients effectively. Personalizing treatment protocols based on causation (HR5 test results), instills confidence in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Effective Case Management

Continued objective monitoring of the HR5 species is vital for achieving and maintaining treatment endpoint. Salivary testing with HR5 equips clinicians with better predictive abilities, potentially preventing disease progression or recurrence.

Accurate Diagnosis with Direct Diagnostics Leads to Effective Care

Healthier Patients. Confident Clinicians. Thriving Practices.

Research confirms 5 key bacterial species are primary drivers of periodontal disease:
Aa, Pg, Td, Tf, and Fn

Elevated concentrations of one or more of 5 key bacterial species – Aa, Pg, Td, Tf, and Fn – are the primary drivers of pathogenic imbalances that lead to periodontal disease. Reducing these 5 key bacteria can slow, halt, and even reverse disease progression.





















* Fn, while sometimes listed as a potential pathogen, is typically part of the commensal or core microbiome. It turns pathogenic when in the presence of Aa or Pg or both. This is why it's included in the HR5 test.

These 5 are the primary culprits behind oral dysbiosis.

Left untreated, these imbalances create conditions that lead to...

  • Progressive destruction of tooth-supporting tissues

  • Gingivitis and mucositis

  • Alveolar bone loss

  • Periodontitis and peri-implantitis

  • Dysfunctional systemic inflammation

Direct Diagnostics offers education, training, and support

World Class Diagnostics, Coaching, Education, and Support

Implementing salivary diagnostics made easy

The most accurate* and affordable test on the market

Backed by science and third party technical validation

Dedicated Account Manager

Access to customer support

Access to Resource Center

Monthly educational webinars

Live one-on-one coaching

Free marketing content

What Clinicians are Saying:

"The team is doing great! You have changed our world, you've changed our processes, you've changed our discussions, we've even changed our products in the office. It's been nice to be making more data-driven decisions."

Direct Diagnostics Customer

Ethan Moulton DDS, MS

Ridge Crest Periodontics

“It truly is the most rewarding way to practice.”

Amber Auger, RDH

Amber Auger, RDH, MPH

"Direct Diagnostics and their HR5 test has revolutionized risk reduction strategies for cognitive decline. Their unmatched accuracy and early identification of high-risk pathogens associated with Alzheimer's disease and dementia has allowed for more proactive measures and precise treatment and monitoring. I highly recommend the HR5 test to anyone prioritizing brain health prevention."

Anne O. Rice, RDH

"Direct Diagnostics has made salivary testing so easy and affordable to implement in every dental and medical office. My patients are thrilled with the knowledge, information and therapies that are learning from their results! This is should be done on every patient! The implementation training is stellar! I’m so grateful to be able to offer this test to my patients!"

Direct Diagnostics Customer

Janet Madrid, RDH

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