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A world of information resides in your mouth. Saliva is a gateway to a host of diagnostic tests and our team is developing the scientific platform to bring them to life. Our COVID SalivaDirect™ test, in partnership with Yale University, proved that saliva-based infectious disease testing is not only possible, but optimal.

Leveraging the latest in qPCR technology, we have turned our sights to the rapidly expanding field of Oral-Systemic Health. Center stage are five "high-risk" bacteria that reside in the mouth and not only wage war on your teeth and gums, but can lead to systemic inflammation and disease. Our proprietary HR5™ test is an easy, accurate, and cost effective path to actionable information and improved health for all of us.




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The Oral Pathogen Connection

“Periodontal disease caused by these putative bacteria (Aa, Pg, Tf, Td, Fn) can be considered causal of ASVD [Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease]” 



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Direct Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory and biotechnology company that is advancing the field of molecular testing and transforming salivary diagnostics.


We are developing the next generation of saliva tests for infectious disease and pathogens found in the mouth and periodontia. The scientific community has published numerous studies demonstrating the destructive outcomes associated with high levels of specific bacteria in the mouth that affect the whole body as well as oral health. It is now recognized as the oral-systemic connection.

Our initial saliva test for the oral-systemic arena is a unique pathogen test focused on known, high-risk bacteria. This test represents the most current scientific data relative to specific oral pathogens that cause both periodontal disease and systemic inflammation - the primary cause of many other life-threatening diseases.

These tests can be used by both Dental and Medical practitioners to create an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan for each patient. Early detection, identification, and successful treatment of these specific pathogens will lead to improved oral and systemic health.

In addition to our clinical laboratory services, Direct Diagnostics provides on-going education and consultative services to create an effective model for practice on-boarding, discussing these tests with patients, improving case acceptance, and delivering effective treatment results. 


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