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Direct Diagnostics is more than a test

More Than a Test

Implementing salivary diagnostics is made easy with best-in-class training and support.

Wondering how to discuss this with your patients?

Interested in personalizing treatment plans?

Rest assured, we are here to assist you. As a Direct Diagnostics customer, you'll gain access to an extensive library of educational resources, training courses, on-demand coaching, clinical materials, communication tools, and the opportunity for personalized live coaching.

How It Works

Step 1

Test Your Patient to Identify...

​• The presence, composition, and severity of high-risk oral pathogens, which are the primary drivers of pathogenic imbalances that lead to periodontal disease

• The exact source of the infection, necessary to create a personalized treatment plan

Implementing salivary testing is an easy 3 step process

Step 2

Diagnose and Develop a Treatment Plan that Allows You To...

• Comprehend the patient's oral microbiome

• Provide clarity for the patient by presenting objective data about their infection

• Tailor treatment protocols based on test results

Implementing salivary testing is an easy 3 step process

Step 3

Post test for Treatment Success and Pathogen Reduction, to Identify...

The elimination of Aa, Pg, Td, and Tf

Fn within acceptable range

A decreased risk of alveolar bone loss

A decreased risk of systemic inflammatory diseases

What Others are Saying:

"Having used HR5 now for almost a year, we appreciate the higher level of testing and the training and coaching that Direct Diagnostics provided for us. I feel we took the practice to a much higher level of expertise when we moved to the HR5 testing through Direct Diagnostics.”

Direct Diagnostics Customer

Dr. Ronald Massie, DDS, MAGD, FICD

"The commitment of Direct Diagnostics to 'coach' new clients at this level is almost unheard of and is an effort your entire team should be applauded for."

Direct Diagnostics Customer

Dr. John Kempton

“HR5 testing is a game changer and the missing link of treating perio!”

Direct Diagnostics Customer

Donna Frank

Office Manager at

Dr. Thomas Frank DDS

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What's Next for Clinical Support?

How oral health professionals identify, diagnose, implement treatment plans, and sustain their patients' health will never be the same.

Testing is quick and simple, but evaluating results and personalizing treatment plans can be time consuming, confusing, and overwhelming.

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