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Testing starts in the mouth.


"The mouth is the gateway to the body. Plain and simple, many chronic conditions and illnesses first show symptoms in the mouth. The oral-systemic link focuses on detecting, preventing, and treating conditions and illnesses including heart disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, periodontal disease, and more. This can be done by educating dentists and physicians and encouraging them to collaborate to cure."

American Academy for Oral Systemic Health


The future of Oral Systemic Health resides in both patient and clinician education. While testing, treatment, and best practices are evolving rapidly, we have partnered with the following organizations to help bring this emerging field to life. 

After years of outreach, Oral-Systemic Health has moved beyond dentistry and is now an active discussion across specialties including cardiovascular, neurological, obstetrics, anti-aging, and beyond. Explore the resources below and join us in changing lives.

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event or conference. Reach out below to learn more or schedule an introductory call.

AAOSH - Direct Diagnostics

Expanding awareness and educational content for Oral-Systemic Health across medical specialties and throughout the healthcare universe.

No More Hygiene -  Direct Diagnostics

Empowering dental practices and improving patient outcomes through the implementation of oral pathogen testing,


"Numerous studies have demonstrated the cardiovascular risk from Periodontitis is driven by the pathogen burden as opposed to only clinical exam findings such as pocket depth, bleeding on probing and bone loss."

"Understanding that high-risk periodontal pathogens are causal of Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease places an onus upon our dental colleagues to continue their efforts to develop affordable, reproducible, objective testing for high-risk periodontal pathogens."


Saliva test - Direct Diagnostics


HR5 - High Risk Pathogen Test

Just 1ml of saliva delivers highly quantitative results on the five bacteria considered to be the highest risk pathogens for periodontitis, and systemic inflammation:

Aa, Pg, Td, Tf, & Fn.

HR5 was born out of years of research, numerous scientific publications, and decades of clinical experience. 



  • ​Focused

  • Affordable

  • Accurate

  • Quantitative

  • Patient Friendly

  • Provider Friendly

  • Easy to Read

  • Fast Turnaround

  • User-friendly Software

  • Saliva (just saliva)

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HR5 Testing - Direct Diagnostics


BaleDoneen - Direct Diagnostics

Pioneers in defining the underpinnings of cardiovascular health and heart attack prevention, Doctors Bale and Doneen host a series of courses with life changing content for providers and the world.

Heart Attack Gene -  Direct Diagnostics

Bale & Doneen  wrote the book on the subject.

Seminal paper connecting oral pathogens to atherosclerosis.

The Prevent Clinic is deeply focused on health optimization, age reversal, and longevity by weaving together medicine and dentistry for their patients. They also are some of the top educators in the testing, treatment, and oral systemic health arena.

The Prevent Clinic

The Wellness Dentistry Network, founded by Dr. Doug Thompson, is based on mentoring and collaboration. They believe that strengthening the link between oral health and general health is vital, and optimal health can be achieved through the integration of wellness protocols and strategies into dental practices. Their mission is to help practices:

  • Provide practitioner/patient awareness about health-related issues

  • Educate the patient about how oral conditions can affect systemic health

  • Determine clear diagnostic criteria

  • Develop treatment plans utilizing comprehensive evaluation and risk assessments

  • Provide an organized process for ongoing maintenance protocols facilitating long-term success

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