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Transmission of oral bacterial species between spouses

The most common dental diseases, periodontal diseases and caries, are bacterial infections. Aetinobacillus actinotnyeetetneotnitans and Rorphyromonas gingivalis have been implicated in the etiology and progression of periodontitis. A. aetinomyeetemeotnitans is strongly associated with localized juvenile periodontitis, rapidly progressing and refractory periodontitis, whereas R gingivalis is mainly associated with advanced forms of adult periodontitis. Mutans streptococci are regarded as the primary pathogens in dental caries.

To study the source of infection and the route of transmission of putative pathogens in dental diseases, interest has been focused on people living in close contact with each other. The intrafamilial transmission of oral micro-organisms has previously been investigated by searching for similarities in the microflora of parents and their children. especially regarding mutans streptococci, but also periodontal bacteria.

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Transmission of oral bacterial species between spouses
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